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How do you save? Or can you?

Game crashed after dying against the boss. Have to start over again.

Since it's so short right now there is no save feature; however you will restart in the same room if you die. It wasnt a high priority during my MA course.

Using arrows in a fight is confusing because you have to hold rmb (right mouse button) to pull out the bow, hold lmb (left mouse button) for a bit, and then let go of lmb.

But I mess up, either cuz:

- I let go of the rmb instead of the lmb

- forget to hold the lmb for long enough.


But it's a cool game!

Yeah I'll admit I was experimenting with the way you can shoot arrows for both PC controls and xbox controllers. I had this idea of lining up your shot and letting go, but I may have not implemented it in a way that was accessible which was a mistake on my end.

When I get round to finishing the next update I'll be focusing a lot on updating the controls. I've already added a solution for key rebinds so it should help.

I think it's really good. I love the Starfox Adventure theme! The camera movement is really fluid and the controls are solid. My only issue is that the combat against the Dinosaurs a bit... stale. Could be a bit more interactive. Also, I think it could really benefit from some sort of experience or leveling system. Otherwise, amazing!

Gave it a go....


Thanks! I've left a response on your video. Working towards the next version update.

looks great except for the character's name

It's subject to change. It's only a prototype.